Écurie au gré du vent

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Call of the Wild:


The Amazon Experience

Are you lost, do you want to understand, connect with your deep essence? to raise awareness? I offer you the opportunity to come and live a magical moment. Horse medicine as a totem animal is very valuable in helping you regain your balance. I offer you the opportunity to live a unique experience. A connection with the horse in the field, then afterwards, you will prepare the horse for the horseback ride lasting 1 hour to continue your connection with him. The horse reads you easily, and it asks you to be authentic and to take the reins of your life. Are you ready to try his medicine?

Duration: 4h

Cost: $ 260/pers. (including taxes)

Private or group meeting,

From 10 years old. Group of 5 people maximum.


Healing Brigham

Horse-wisdom experience

Duration: 5h

Cost: $ 325/pers. (including taxes)

Private or group meeting,

From 10 years old. Group of 5 people maximum

Are you ready for a unique experience of rejuvenation and pure happiness with the horse as your guide? Here we have an incredible formula to try at least once in your life. Did you know that the horse's mission is to help humans find the little flame inside them to be free to be themselves? Here we co-create with horses to help you discover the tools you already have inside yourself to be free. Here you will experience much more than a simple hike. You will experience a combination of several exceptional moments that could transform your perception of your inner self. Are you ready? 

A combination of assisted energy therapy with the horse in the field and an incredible 2 hour spiritual horse riding experience where you can experience the best of both worlds. a unique moment of rejuvenation. The wisdom of the horse is perfect for helping humans to simply become free.


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