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Introductory course to Horse Riding and Therapeutic Horse Riding

An instructor in outdoor horse riding as well as therapeutic horse riding, Isabelle offers personalised introductory horse riding and therapeutic horse riding that are adapted to your needs.



  • 80$/hr (including taxes) per rider
  • Therapeutic Riding: 80$/hr (including taxes) per rider

À la carte :

  • 10 lessons for 750$ (taxes included)
  • Therapeutic Riding: 10 lessons for 750$ (taxes included)

(Payment in one or two installments)

Introduction to Horseback Riding

  • 160$ (including taxes)
  • (Groups of 3 or less)
  • Children from 5 years up
  • Presentation of the horse, grooming, riding the horse kept on a leash by the instructor
  • 75$( including taxes) per additionnal person. the group can countain 5 people maximum.

kids-Horse Workshop

Price: $ 100 / children

Duration: 90 minutes

* You can also organize your own group, with a minimum of 3 children.

I have created a truly exceptional concept for young people that will help children discover the tools within them to move forward in life, and above all to discover their authentic self. Your child will have the experience with other children as unique as him or her, and together will be able to grow through each other's experiences, be heard and respected. Horse medicine is great and its mission is to help humans become free to be themselves. And during his activities the child will learn to do basic horsemanship, work on the ground with the horse, hiking. He will also learn to work on his leadership, his authenticity, his listening, talk about his emotions, connect to his. intuition, and much more. If the activity appeals to you, book your child's seat in the time slot assigned to their age group. you can register it once, every week or once in a while. The activity lasts 1h30, and several things will be touched during this time: talking circle, workshop on self-work, brushing the horse, riding it, learning the basics of horseback riding and a mini-hike at the end of the day. 'activity. Every day is going to be different and unique.

Group of 5 people per activity

*Cash payment or Interac e-Transfer

(via email with your financial institution)