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Introductory course to Horse Riding and Therapeutic Horse Riding

An instructor in outdoor horse riding as well as therapeutic horse riding, Isabelle offers personalised introductory horse riding and therapeutic horse riding that are adapted to your needs.



  • 75$/hr (including taxes) per rider
  • Therapeutic Riding: 75$/hr (including taxes) per rider

À la carte :

  • 10 lessons for 700$ (taxes included)
  • Therapeutic Riding: 10 lessons for 700$ (taxes included)

(Payment in one or two installments)

Introduction to Horseback Riding

  • 150$ (including taxes)
  • (Groups of 3 or less)
  • Children from 3 years up
  • Presentation of the horse, grooming, riding the horse kept on a leash by the instructor
  • 40$ (including taxes) extra for 4 people or more (lessons are 15 minutes longer, per additional person)

*Cash payment or Interac e-Transfer

(via email with your financial institution)