258, chemin Gaudreau

Brigham J2K 4E6


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The pleasure of riding

Horse riding at Brigham: rider lessons

Trainer for Québec à Cheval, Isabelle offers rider lessons in order to become a guide or attendant on equestrian rides or simply to go trekking for your own pleasure.

Rates :

Private :

  • $ 50/hr +tx per rider
  • Therapeutic rider : $ 50/h +tx per rider


  • 10 lessons per rider $ 450 +tx
  • Therapeutic riding : 10 lessons for $ 450+tx

(Payment in one or two instalments)

Semi-private lessons:

  • $ 40/hr +tx per rider

Introduction to Equestrian Riding:

  • $ 60 +tx (Groups of 3 people or less)
  • Children 3 years old and over
  • Presentation of the horse, brushing, riding the horse on a leash held by the trainer
  • $ 10/pers +tx. and 15 minutes added to the ride/lesson for each additional person in the group

* Payment by cash or by Interac e-Transfer (works with email and your financial institution).