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Call of the Wild:

The awakening of my consciousness

You're lost, you want to understand, you want to take back your power, you want to make a change of consciousness. I offer you the opportunity to accompany you towards the awakening of your awareness. I offer you a listening ear, an accompaniment to help you follow your mission, become aware of your life, and what you want to do with it. The meetings are done in the presence of horses and the river. Horse medicine, the therapeutic place and my gifts will help you to search within yourself, what you are missing to finally become the best version of yourself.

Duration: 2 hours

Cost: $140

Private meeting

Group of 4-6 people


Healing with Horses

For groups of 4-6 people (adults only)

Duration: 6hrs

Is the wild calling to you? Experience something memorable and unique with Izzy the warrior goddess and her horses. During this spiritual journey, lasting 6 hours, explore nature and the group, rediscover your inner strength, your self-confidence, and revitalize your soul with the help of the horses and their medicine. During this day there will be meditation on the riverside with the horses all around you. A spiritual connection with the horses, group sharing that will help your inner healing, and you prepare your horse yourself to experience the highlight of the day, the meditative horseback ride. So, if this activity speaks to you, it's for you.

Price: 300$/pers. (including taxes)

Meals not included

Private meeting

Group of 4-6 people

Healing Brigham

Connecting with Horses

A unique moment of connecting with a horse

For groups of 4-6 people (as from 10 years old)

Duration: 4hrs

Horses are very sensitive animal that can mirror your emotions. They can read you better than you can read yourself and ask that you be authentic and true. During this 4 hour activity, you will be able to work on yourself, with the help of the horse. It will help you to take back your power by allowing you to experience a connection to the field. Then you will be asked to prepare your own horse for the 1 hour ride. You will also be called upon to talk about your emotions in a group setting. This is a good therapy for families.

*Family Activity

Family price for 4 people: 700$ (including taxes)

175$/pers. (including taxes)

Private meeting

Group of 4-6 people

Healing Montérégie

Spiritual Healing Retreat

(3 hr spiritual activity)

Run in the wind, fast and free, Live the life that should be yours!!

Feel the call of the horse inside your heart!!! Let your self-worth blossom. Are you looking for a way to take back your energy??

Horse medicine is for you.

By integrating horse medicine, you will see how to take back control of your life. True power lies in this wisdom, helping you to grasp the whole of your journey and to remember the difficult paths you have travelled, allowing you to grow and evolve.

Compassion, tenderness, teaching, love, sharing of gifts, talent and skill will open the way for you. This retreat will allow you to grow through these words.

Horse medicine is powerful for those who wish to gain self-confidence, strength and control. The horse will guide you to it. Perhaps you feel stuck in a rut and have trouble moving forward. The spirit of the horse will help with momentum and transition.

The connection with the horse will be a sacred experience in your life, an awareness that will allow you to slow down, better root yourself, be fully aware of the present moment. To enjoy every moment in the flow of life.
Come and experience a unique transformational journey where you will learn to fall in love with yourself. And the horse and nature will be your guides. 

Prices are $140.00 (including taxes) per person

Solo or In groups

Perfect for friendly outings, girls' day out, team building.

Early Bird Prices (until 12 June 2020): 900$ (including taxes). Save 500$

*100$ at time of booking (Interac transfer or Paypal)

1-2 transfers, Day 1 and Day 5 of the retreat

Retreats begin week of 20 June 2020 and ends week of 22 August 2020


Email : ranchaugreduvent@hotmail.com

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Télephone : 450-955-6565

Private meeting

Group of 4-6 people


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